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Who's who at the New Forest Hounds

So that you may recognise who is who in the hunting field, this page is designed to introduce you to the officers of the New Forest Hounds, and also some key individuals within the hunt. It also explains a little of the organization of the New Forest Hounds.

The New Forest Hounds is, in a sense a business owned and operated in a somewhat antiquated way, by the New Forest Hunt Club, who own the hounds, kennels, hunt horses and so on. The New Forest Hunt Club was instituted in 1789 for the purpose of hunting the New Forest Country. In that year the Lord Warden of the New Forest (the then Duke of Gloucester) nominated Mr. Gilbert's Hounds to be the established pack of the country, in succession to his own, with prior rights to hunt the New Forest. Mr. Gilbert's Hounds had been granted permission to hunt the country since 1780, and in season 1789-1790 they became a subscription pack under the New Forest Hunt Club, Mr. Gilbert remaining in office as Master until 1800.

Today, the hunt club employ staff to hunt hounds, and run the affairs of the hunt through a committee rather than a Mastership, which is slightly unusual. Traditionally the mastership of a hunt takes financial responsibility for the hunt, personally injecting funds to support the hunt club as required. However the modern world produces fewer individuals able (or willing) to take this responsibility, so it was decided in the year 2000 to become a committee pack. Masters of Fox Hounds Association rules still stipulate that a hunt must have nominated master(s), and the work of the Mastership must still be done. The New Forest Hounds do therefore still have masters, (two), but the financial burden of the hunt is borne by the Hunt Club through the committee. There is a separate and independent body, called the New Forest Hounds Hunt Supporters Club who do exactly as it says on the label - they support the New Forest Hounds, principally by organizing fund raising events. In practice there is a great deal of overlap between the Hunt Club and Supporters Club, with many people belonging to both. Membership of the Hunt Club is by invitation and payment of an annual subscription, whilst membership of the supporters club is open to all upon payment of an annual subscription. The only paid individuals within the hunt, are the hunt staff who are employed by the Hunt Club. Everyone else provides their time and effort voluntarily.

Listed below are some of the officials of the New Forest Hounds. If the name of the individual is hyper linked, then click on the name to see pictures of that person. Principally only those people visible on a hunting day have their photographs here.


The New Forest Hounds Hunt Club

Chairman - Pam Baker
Vice Chairman - Will Day
Masters - Alan Brown, Graham Ferris and Carol Lovell
Treasurer - Andrew Hollins
Honorary Secretary - Penny Rendle
The most important person on a hunt day - she collects your cap!

The Hunt Club also have named Trustees, an Executive Committee, Permanent Members elected by special resolution of the New Forest Hunt Club and fully paid up members of which there are over 100. Hunt Club members are entitled to wear the New Forest Hounds' hunt button and green collar on their hunting coat.

Hunt Staff
Huntsman - Michael Woodhouse
Kennelman - Kieran Hawkes

Amateur Whips
Bob Garrett
Tina Bick
Dave Mason
Alan Brown

Field Masters
Mounted followers on a hunting day, are requested to follow a nominated field master, and to obey his instructions. Anyone who regularly hunts with the New Forest Hounds can be asked to be Field Master.

New Forest Hounds Supporters Club
Chairman - John Curley
Treasurer - Graham Webster
Secretary - Katrina Peett
Assisted by a committee.


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