There is nothing like following hounds and the following etiquette information ensures a fun and safe day with us.

Please note that The New Forest Hounds hunt under licence from Forestry England, so have a number of stipulations that must be met. 

The Hunting Day

Do expect a warm welcome, all are welcome and once booked in with our secretary, you will receive full details. Whilst on the hunting field, apart from the Fieldmaster, do look out for those wearing green collars and hunt buttons on their hunt coat. These individuals are more than happy to help you.


The time on the meet card is the time that we move off, please do arrive in good time and say “Good Morning”.

(You should be on your horse at the meet at this time, so do factor in hacking time from the car parks)

The Day

After the meet, the huntsman, his hounds and the field will hack to the first line. Quarry runners will run 3 to 5 lines a day of varying lengths. At the end of each line, there will be a pause whilst the quarry run the next line for our Bloodhounds to follow.

Do follow the designated Fieldmaster(s) whilst following our hounds, adhere to their instructions and ask questions if you are unsure. You MUST follow their instructions.


Do turn your horse’s head towards hounds.

When introducing a horse to hounds or indeed coming out on a new horse for the first time, remain at the back of the field to allow yourself space from other horses and hounds. A green ribbon must be worn.

If your horse kicks you MUST wear a red ribbon and keep your horse at the back of the field. It is the responsibility of the rider to keep space between horses. Repeat offenders will be sent home. Please behave responsibly. 

Horses must be plaited or hogged from Opening Meet onwards, where possible, especially for lawn meets where it is a sign of respect to the host. Prior to opening meet, horses should just be tidy.

The Public

Always be polite and courteous to members of the general public that you may encounter, even if it is not reciprocated! We share our country with walkers, cyclists and dog walkers so please do slow down when passing them and remain courteous. 

What should I wear?

If you are new to hunting, you should turn your horse out tidily. Purchasing the correct hunting kit is an expense that is worth spending once you have been out a few times - WE WELCOME YOU, SO COME AS SMART AS POSSIBLE TO START WITH, come and give it a try!

Before opening meet:


  • Tweed jacket
  • Fawn breeches
  • Gentlemen to wear a coloured shirt and tie
  • Ladies to wear a coloured stock and pin or shirt and tie, as prefer
  • Brown field boots are recommended but black are acceptable
  • Horses to be turned out tidily, with dark plain numnah but are not plaited.

From Opening Meet onwards

  • Gentlemen wear black and Ladies wear either blue or black hunt coat. Children (Under 16 continue to wear tweed jacket as autumn hunting).
  • Newcomers as smart as possible
  • Beige breeches
  • Black Boots
  • Hunting stock and pin
  • Those under the age of 16 to wear Ratcatcher all year round, but to be plaited from Opening Meet Onwards
  • Those awarded with their Hunt Buttons to wear a green collar with their hunt buttons. Gentlemen may wear mahogany topped boots.
  • Visitors may wear their hunt livery on approval from our hunt secretary when booking in.

Contact the secretary